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Crome Hair care Products - Distributor

From the moment you first experience Crome, you will share the dream that is our reality. A new world in hair care that can reveal new heights of quality and style. See how adding scents and powerful formulas just can't compare to the mainstream brands. Crome creates perfection and success.

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Crome Shampoo:

  • Crome Moisture Cleanz Shampoo

  • Crome Body Shot Shampoo

Crome Conditioner: 

  • Crome Smooth Daily Conditioner

  • Crome Unleashed Leave In Conditioner

Crome Treatments:

  • Crome E-Xtreme Saturate Moisturizer Treatment

  • Crome Fix Restructured Treatment 

  • Crome Hair Food

  • Crome Hair Mask

Crome Styling:

  • Crome Plate

  • Crome Blone Mist

  • Crome Blone Soft

  • Crome Blone Hard

  • Crome High Strung

  • Crome 4-Play

  • Crome Spike Gel

  • Crome Flatline

  • Crome Curl Up

  • Crome Rockn' Pomade

Crome Specialty:

  • Moisturizer Lotion

  • Crome Liquid Crome Polish

  • Crome Liquid Spray Shine

  • Crome Liquid Crome Lite