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Markham Products has been dedicated to promoting healthy hair for over 50 years. All Markham products are sulfate-free, pH balanced, not tested on animals, and contain Tri-Action Proteins that automatically lock in necessary moisture and seal and smooth the hair cuticle.

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Markham Products Complete Line:

markham cherry almond shampoo quenche reflections chelator rxd dandruff

All Markham Shampoos are sulfate free, lather luxuriously, cleanse gently and rinse instantly, leaving the hair healthy looking and manageable. Whether your hair is dry, normal or oily; weather you suffer from dandruff; or if your hair is colored, bleached, grey or white, Markham has the perfect shampoo for you.

Markham Shampoo /  Detoxifiers:

Markham Cherry Almond Biotin Shampoo
Markham Chelator Therapy (Creme De) Shampoo
Markham Quench Orange Moisturizing Biotin Shampoo
Markham Quench Banana Moisturizing Biotin Shampoo
Markham New Reflections Shampoo
Markham RXD Dandruff Control Shampoo


markham indatant finishing PHR Protein hair remoisturizer seduction

To complement the appropriate Markham shampoo, Markham has formulated a full line of conditioners and treatment conditioners, with one being just right for you. All Markham conditioners are specially formulated to tame tangles, remove static electricity and to provide sheen and body for specific hair types. Intensive Conditioners are formulated to repair and prepare the hair for perms, color and treatments. The use of these conditioners results in optimum performance of any chemical treatment while improving the condition of the hair.

Markham Conditioner /  Treatments:

Markham Biotin Instant Conditioner
Markham Biotin Finishing Conditioner
Markham Seduction Conditioner
Markham Liquid (Protein) Hair 
Markham PHR (Protein Hair Re-Moisturizer)


markham hair loss biotin shampoo conditioner vaso dilator

Markham Hair Loss Biotin Treatments:

Markham Biotin-Plus Treatment Shampoo
Markham Biotin-Plus Vasodilator Tonic
Markham Therapy I (Normal Hair)
Markham Therapy II (Chemically Treated Hair)
Markham Tri-Pak Treatment System (Men / Women)


markham hair spray sub zero deja vu finishing spritz

Markham Hair Spray:

Markham Deja Vu (Sculpting) Spray
Markham Finishing Spritz
Markham Spree Gelee
Markham Sub-Zero (Non-Aerosol)


Markham glassy glaze glacier blue spree gelee

Markham Lotion / Gel:

Markham Glacier Blue (Freezing Gel)
Markham Glassy Glaze (Sculpting Lotion)
Markham Spree Gelee (Alcohol Free - Spray Gel)


markham liquis silk straight hair arctic mist

Markham Styling Aids:

Markham Arctic Mist (Revitalizing Spray)
Markham Flat Top
Markham Liquid Silk
Markham Straight Hair


Markham Miscellaneous

Markham flat top spray liquid protein hair

  • Markham Flat Top Spray (8oz)

  • Markham Liquid Hair (Protein

  • Re-constructor) (8oz)


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